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Training Equipment for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Today’s generation of Electric and Hybrid vehicles provide a number of challenges to the auto technician who will work on them.
In particular the extreme voltage, sometimes up to 800V, that are found in Electric Vehicle power systems and the very high currents that are found in the HV battery packs can prove to be lethal to the untrained technician.
Technical Solutions International offer a range of training solutions that specifically address the hands on training needs of technicians who will work on EV and HEV systems.
Our practical resources include simulated safety training systems that allow students to safely explore the correct procedures for disabling EV and HEV’s.
We even offer a complete set of safety tools and equipment packaged as a workshop training aid. The tools and equipment are fully insulated and rated to handle the high voltages and currents found in EV and HEV’s, allowing them to be used on actual vehicles in the workshop.
To ensure that students gain an in-depth understanding of the electrical and electronic principles behind the power systems found in today’s EV and HEV’s we have developed a unique foundation package called
It is a rugged, easy to use modular training system that has been specifically designed for use in technical and vocational training. Its compact format makes it a much more affordable solution for real hands-on skills training.